The SixtyNinety Brand was born in Brazil and raised in London. Its name was inspired by the classic myth of 60-90cm as a woman’s ideal body measurements.
Our challenge is to bypass that limit. Every woman’s body is beautiful and naturally unique.
We believe that strong is the new skinny, and that a strong body is a beautiful body. We provide exclusive active wear from Brazil with game-changing styles that are effortlessly cool.
At SixtyNinety, we want to create and develop a community of empowered women who wish to pursue a healthy, balanced life. Our goal can be described in three words: fairness, quality, and empowerment.
FAIRNESS. It is essential for us that all our products are made according to Fair-Trade guidelines. Both textiles and our clothing production is 100% made in Brazil, in small factories that pay their employees – mostly women – a fair wage. We ensure that we only work with brands that care about the wellbeing and growth of their workforce.

QUALITY. The textiles used in our products are of exceptional quality, ensuring the durability and comfort of your active wear. We use high-tech fabrics that provide comfort and support while contouring and enhancing the body’s curves. We constantly monitor our products to make sure we only offer apparel that meets our high quality standards.

EMPOWERMENT. SixtyNinety is a company run by women for women. We are a brand constantly focused on motivating women to reach their goals. This starts with the initial production of our active wear in Brazil. It continues until our apparel reaches the woman who will wear it around the world.

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