Elephant Light Stool


This elephant by Richard Hutten is both a stool and light making it a truly stunning piece of decoration to adorn any room.

When Richard Hutten was asked to furnish a room 25 metres in height as a nursery, he took his inspiration from the objects he came across in the bedroom of his own two sons. In the midst of all their toys, he found a small white toy elephant, which fascinated him. He liked it so much that he set to work immediately. Hutten magnified it and assigned it the simultaneous function of lamp and stool. If you ask Hutten what the strength of this design is, he will reply: ‘It will cheer you up.

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This beautiful elephant is made from rotation moulded LDPE. This light is supplied with bulb and cable/plug.


The elephant measures 70cm in length and is 25cm wide. At it’s tallest point it measures 58cm in height. The seating height: 52 cm Maximum weight limit 16 stone