Caran d’Ache Gold Pen


The perfect accessory for those who like to be chic and glamourous in every detail.

A special release of the classic 849 design, finished in a satin gold with three micron finish to give this pen a magnificent sparkle.

Swiss made by the company who has been getting it ‘write’ for over 100 years!

This stunning pen fits perfectly in the hand with a comfortable grip and comes in it’s own matching case to complete the look.

With a writing measure of up to 600 A4 pages, thanks to its acclaimed Goliath ink cartridge, this is a pen to last the distance!

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Product Description

Swiss Made. Gold Colour. Refillable Ink Pen. Ballpoint pen with ultra-flat case. Aluminium hexagonal body Colour application using electrostatic powder coating Flexible clip Push button Equipped with the blue medium Goliath ink cartridge