Equus Horse Sculpture


This is a truly stunning piece of design. The frame structure depicts the beautiful outline of a Horse in motion and the effect is magical.

Equus is a brilliant decorative piece that will animate any wall of an interior space.

The galloping horse seems to jump into the room from a different realm, providing an ephemeral quality to the space. This piece certainly will not go unnoticed.

Its wireframe structure makes it very light and therefore easy to hang.

This beautiful piece of artwork is now only available in very limited numbers in white.

Designed by Dominik Raskin

Please take note of the dimension information as the image can be deceptive of the size.

Comes complete with pins for fixing. The fixings will only be suitable for certain wall surfaces.

Out of stock


The Head measures: 16 x 5 x 10.5 cm. The Legs are: 8 x 2.3 x 3 cm & 15.8 x 2.5 x 2 cm. Made by 3d printing technology using Polyamide. White only.